Stacey & Michael (USA) Wedding in Villa San Crispolto

Romantic Italian Weddings Photographer

Hi Domenico, The package arrived today and we are so very happy!! Thank you so much for your work - it captured our day wonderfully and it helped us to remember small details like the sound of the wheat in the field and the feeling of the sun on the stone walls. These little moments will be ours for years to come. Thanks to you we will be able to truly share the day with friends and family. Thank you again! Warm regards, Stacey & Michael (more...)

Villa San Crispolto, Lake Trasimeno, Perugia, Umbria, Italy. Wedding in Villa San Crispolto. Lovely locations for a romantic italian wedding. i'm at your disposal if you are looking a wedding photographer available for this area. Click here to see my wedding photos

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