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Niamh & Niall wedding in Chianti

Wedding Photographer Italy

It’s an understatement to say I was a “wee” bit excited when receiving this dream-boat Real Wedding. For anyone who’s seen the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, it’s proof that such a sublime place does exist and a Wedding in such a setting, is just as romantic and endearing as we all imagine.

Niall and Niamh planned their Dream Wedding day with help from the experts at Weddings in Tuscany. After choosing the Chianti region, a small Medieval town, just outside of Florence the couple developed a theme that incorporated the picturesque surrounds. It was described as “a perfect balance of understated elegance and pure rustic Tuscan style”. The ceremony took place in a 12th Century Abbey, once a Monastery for Benedictine Monks, after which Niall and Niamh celebrated with 120 family members at a nearby rustic farmhouse. A Jazz Quartet set the tone and the outdoor setting was filled with the light of hundreds of flickering candles...

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