Inspiration and idea for Wedding in Tuscany

An Intimate Family Celebration in Tuscany.

Wedding Photographer Italy

We met… through a mutual friend in Santa Monica, CA in January 2011. We quickly became friends due to our love of common things, like running along the beach in Santa Monica, wine and food, exploring new places, and seeing concerts at the Hollywood Bowl. After many months of friendship, Kian decided to tell me that he wanted more than friendship at a 2011 Halloween party. It took a few months of convincing but eventually I expressed my mutual feelings to Kian. Our first date was on Saturday, November 26 2011 – it lasted for 72 hours! Our proposal… Kian proposed during a hike near the ocean in Los Angeles (Temescal Canyon trails) in November 2012. Although LA normally has beautiful weather, that day was overcast and slightly rainy. When Kian woke up with such excitement about hiking under such conditions, I suspected something was up but never would have guessed a proposal was in the works. About halfway through the hike at a beautiful overlook spot, Kian suggested hiking down an off road path, which I reluctantly agreed to. After the normally very articulate Kian asked me a series of very random questions, he offered some very sweet words about what the relationship and I meant to him and finally got down on one knee to ask for my hand in marriage. (Of course, I said yes!)...

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